Frequency Coordination Request Form

Complete this form as soon as possible but in no case any later than 24 hours prior to your arrival at any event site. Feel free to submit questions at the bottom of the form. Thanks! 

The following wireless equipment must be coordinated prior to entry to any of the event sites listed and during the dates indicated above.

ANY device(s) operating in these frequency ranges:

54 - 88MHz
174 - 216MHz
451 - 455MHz
456 - 470MHz
470 - 806MHz
902 - 928MHz*
944 - 952MHz

Examples of devices include (but not limited to): 

- Wireless microphones 

- Wireless in ear monitors
- Wireless interruptible foldback (IFB)

- Wireless intercom

Please list the following specifications for each device in the Transmitter Specifications field to the right. 


-Transmitter Manufacturer
-Model Designation
-Frequency Band Name
-Frequency Range: Lower-Upper
-Fixed Frequency Transmitters:      


Indicate ALL frequencies (in MHz)    

the transmitter can be tuned to.